Monday, October 1, 2007

The Mets...Ohhhh The Mets

The Mets Blow A 7 Game Lead In 17 Days.

If I were a Mets fan, today would be a no good very bad horrible day. Alas, as a resident of the metropolitan area of New York/New Jersey, I have the option of rooting for another baseball team...The legendary New York Yankees. What the Mets accomplished over the last couple weeks can only be expressed as a choke of epic Latrell Sprewell-P.J. Carlisimo proportions. Although the Phillies happened to play great baseball over the stretch, there is no way the Mets could've imagined playing this poorly in September, creating the biggest fall from grace in the history of Major League Baseball. The only question now is: What Comes Next?

Option 1:Stay The Course:
This team obviously has enough talent to make it to a World Series and possibly even win one. They were far and away the best team in the National League for 4 months of the season and have built themselves around the most dynamic player in baseball in Jose Reyes. They have a young nucleus of exciting players that has awoken he rabid fan base of Metropolitans that will stick by their team. However, the problem with this option is their extreme lack of pitching, including old man Tom Glavine (who is obviously done), and 65 year old senior citizen El Duque Hernandez (who probably can pitch another 20 years)... Nevertheless, the Mets need to make some changes.

Option 2: Fire Manager Willie Randolph
Willie Randolph is a sitting duck.. Until he wins a World Series, he will be remembered for this historic collapse. The Mets need to make a change now. Randolph needed to do something to ignite a fire under the players some time over the stretch to try and at least change something about their mind sets before each game. Most of the blame should be placed on the players, however, now that the season is over, a change needs to be made and someone needs to take the fall. Fire Randolph and head over to Japan, drink some Bobby Valentine beer and while their at it, take the inspiration behind that beer back to Flushing and give him the job he never should have lost back.

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